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Dear Members/Students,

As you already know, the “Comitato della Dante Alighieri di Hong Kong” is a branch of “Societa` Dante Alighieri” based in Rome.

During the last months our Comitato prepared all the documents and its own teachers-team to obtain from the main office the authorization to organize the qualifying examination called PLIDA.

PLIDA, according to the European guide-lines on learning foreign languages (European Language Portfolio), is the only certified exam to ascertain the knowledge of the Italian language all around the world. The only society authorized to organize the PLIDA examination is “Societa` Dante Alighieri” through its own regional committees.

For a long time the only authorized Dante Alighieri Centre in the Greater China region for PLIDA exam was the Comitato of Beijing. Recently our “Comitato” in Hong Kong has been given the same authorization.

We think that this is a very important step for the Italian community in Hong Kong as well as for the large number of people living here interested in our culture and language.

This is a remarkable result which has been reached thanks to the support of all members and the large number of students attending our courses.

We take this opportunity to thank you all.

Very soon we will be out again with proper and detailed information about the first session of exams to be taking place in 2009.

Very best regards

Bruno Feltracco       Angelo Paratico    

President                Vice-President